Branded Lifestyle Inc.

Engagement: Creative and Digital Directorship: Online and In-store Creative, Digital Marketing, Software Development, Customer Service and Ecommerce Fulfillment.

Country: Philippines

About: Branded Lifestyle Inc is a Philippine based company with over 20 years of industry experience in the retail & distribution of the world’s most prestigious eyewear brands.Exclusive partner of Luxottica Group and exclusive distributor of Ray-Ban.

Vania Romoff

Engagement: Ecommerce Consultancy

Country: Philippines

About: Vania Romoff’s raison d’être is in the creation of women’s fashion, which translates into her design aesthetics that is predominantly feminine, classic, yet forward looking and constantly sophisticated.

Clean lines, flattering silhouettes and quiet elegance are consistent in her designs making each Vania Romoff piece a modern classic.

Mapfre Insular

Engagement: Digital Consultancy: Social Media Management and Marketing

Country: Philippines

About: Mapre Insularis a non-life insurance company offering general insurance for optimum financial protection and risk management. The Company provides insurance services on fire and allied lines, motor vehicle, personal accident, casualty, liability, engineering, marine cargo, surety and micro insurance.

Founded in 1934, MAPFRE INSULAR today, ranks among the top ten in the non-life insurance industry in terms of earned premiums, net premiums written, and assets. The company is also among the highest capitalized and most solvent in the non-life insurance business in the country.

Reckitt Benckiser

Engagement: Web Consultancy: Web Design and Development

Country: Australia

About: We’re 37,000 entrepreneurs, all inspired by a vision of a world where people are healthier and live better. At the heart of our rapidly growing consumer health business is a passionate desire to help people feel better. We invest in research and development to find new ways for people to look after themselves, their families and homes.


Engagement: Digital Consultancy: Ecommerce and Social

Country: Hong Kong

About: Fuschia is operated by China World Garments.

Established in 2000, the China World Group has become one of the leading design and manufacturing houses of ladieswear supplying many international retailers. The head office is based in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong consisting of showrooms, design department, finance and shipping.


Engagement: Web Consultancy

Country: Hong Kong

About: Established in Hong Kong in the early 1990’s, Kokido is an exciting and innovative lifestyle company dedicated to the global swimming pool market. We design and manufacture pool maintenance tools and parts for manufacturers, importers and retailers worldwide. Our catalogue covers a wide range of equipment for in-ground and above-ground pools including cleaning tools, hydraulic and robotic cleaners, solar cover reels, solar showers, lighting, fountains, thermometers and more.

Over the last 25 years, backyard pools have grown increasingly popular, with millions of new consumers enjoying each year the pleasures of healthy outdoor water activities. The massive growth in this market has led to a need for modern, stylish and functional products for home use. Kokido is an emerging leader in this market.

Kokido’s main inspiration for product development comes directly from pool users themselves, based on their desire for enjoyment and their need for simple pool maintenance solutions. Our ongoing commitment to innovation has resulted in novel patented cleaning solutions for the fast growing soft-sided pool market, as well as a continuous focus on improving the all around experience and wellness of pool users.

All Kokido products are designed by our specialist teams at our offices in Hong Kong and China and produced under the careful supervision of our quality control department. Our products conform to applicable standards in international markets. We also do OEM projects and private label production. With its attractive packaging, the Kokido brand stands for innovation and originality in the pool industry, creating business growth for our customers in all segments of the distribution.

Pool Cleaners are designed to simplify and reduce your pool maintenance workload. In offering specific cleaning solutions for both in-ground and above ground pools, we help to maximize pool enjoyment while minimizing maintenance chores.

Our catalogue covers a wide range of equipment for in-ground and above-ground pools including cleaning tools, hydraulic and robotic cleaners, solar cover reels, solar showers, lighting, fountains, thermometers and more.

Bside Productions

Engagement: General Consulting

Country: Philippines

About: MORE THAN JUST A VENUE. B – Side began as a reflection of its owners’ vision of what Manila needs in a music venue. In collaboration with “The B-Side Crew”, they’ve managed to develop more than just a venue, but a sense of community for local musicians in need of a place to showcase their talent and creativity.

Located in The Collective, a mini art and food hub in Makati, B-Side offers a complete band set up, sound system, and a fully stocked bar for a total capacity of 1,150. Events like Chronic Wheeze, Mamborat, Manila Soul (with Bing Austria), and Sublex (with DJ Caliph8) became a regular thing, bringing nights that always promised something new and different. In time, B-Side became a staple venue for lovers of progressive, alternative music that is rarely heard anywhere else in the country. Home to some of the most enigmatic and passionate musicians, both local and international, B-side has become a refuge for the movers and shakers involved in reshaping Manila’s subculture.

Escario & Fortuna

Engagement: Digital Consultancy: Web and Social

Country: Philippines

About: Escario & Fortuna is managed by two of the Philippines’ most trusted name in apparel and image consulting. The company is established in the philosophy of delivering high-quality and on-brand apparel, complemented by a service experience, personalized for their corporate clients.

Jun Escario has been in the fashion business for over 25 years. In 2004, Escario was awarded with a special citation in the Concours des Jeunes Creatures de Mode in Paris, France. Since then, Jun Escario has become the most sought after brand name for haute couture aficionados and clients in Asia. Escario expanded his market from high fashion to corporate styling, invading corporate images in the Philippines.

Tati Fortuna received her education on image consulting from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, trained at the Sterling Style Academy, and is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International. Fortuna’s expertise are in assisting corporations create their own distinct image that will make them standout in their respective markets.

The combined expertise of Escario & Fortuna supports companies who invests in both what their employees wear and what they represent. Escario & Fortuna believes that uniforms are the total look of a company’s brand which includes not just the apparel but also hair, make-up, accessories and etiquette.

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